18:33   |   17 June 2019

Welcome to the Quality in Extended Learning National Database

The aim of QiSS is to quality assure and support the development of extended learning opportunities for children and young people.

Extended Learning is a strategy to challenge and support:

  • School Improvement
  • The quality of teaching in schools
  • The quality of leadership and management
  • Raising learners’ achievement and attainment
  • The development of self esteem and motivation in learners
  • Behaviour and improve student attendance
  • Family and community learning

Research shows that all children and young people can benefit from participating in Extended Learning programmes which take place outside normal lesson time. Extended learning opportunities can have a valuable impact on the learning of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable as they benefit from learning opportunities provided outside of normal class lessons. Individual needs can be fully met, motivation improved and horizons broadened through extended learning. Schools with high quality and well attended Extended Learning programmes are significantly enhancing the ways in which personalised learning is delivered to all children and young people.

Quality in Extended Learning aims and objectives are:

  • Maintain and raise the quality of extended learning provision for children and young people.
  • Support the strategic development of extended learning provision.
  • Raise awareness of the three quality standard levels for extended learning.
  • Provide tools to measure the impact and to support the evaluation of the effectiveness of extended learning.
  • Provide tools and expertise to evaluate the impact of their provision.
  • To provide on-going guidance and critical friendship for schools and other educational providers whose aim is to support the development of learners
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